Artist Statement
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The act of moving something from one place to another is immanent in a trace.  The record of this trajectory is a form of drawing. What is established is the idea of a line, an extent of separations or unifications –paradoxically- through which surfaces or spaces are delimited. Those boundaries (either inhabited or virtual) are not fixed, but are in constant transition, extension, destruction, reduction, etc.; and are thus more precarious than one might imagine.


The scope of my inquiry includes examining what it means to draw, the extended possibilities of drawing. I look for ways to interrupt, obscure, or otherwise stress/extend existing delineations. 


My practice oscillates between chance and interruptions; such that chance always interrupts, but not all interruptions happen by chance. What is responsible for this rupture is the ambivalence between what is intentional and what is contingent and what is simultaneous. 


The aesthetic of my art practice stands in resistance. It resists categorization within a major medium, fetishization of skill, and certain fixations that can be attributed to global consumer culture (i.e. the exaggerated, the accelerated, the spectacular, and the quickly digested). This aesthetic of resistance is capable of slowing observation in a way that its experience can be reexamined.