Estereocomparadores [Stereocomparators], solo exhibition, Museo Nacional de Arte, La Paz, Bolivia, 2016. Below is  a video documentation of the exhibition and some works installed there.

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This exhibition takes its title from a historical instrument of astronomy. A stereo comparator is a viewing apparatus used to find differences between two photographs of the night sky: the initial (photographic) tool was invented in 1904. In a moment in which digital-image / differencing algorithms have all but replaced the human eye, one can draw a line to this astronomical object to begin to see how recorded movement has evolved.  

As a co-opted term, ‘stereocomparator’ here represents both an aesthetic premise and a strategy for producing drawings that operates from translation. These works present themselves as binary relations.To name a few readily apparent instances in this artwork: there are channels / mechanisms, autographic / allographic, refuse / reuse, printed / digital, image / text, frame / sequence.

Applying chance operations in these binary combinations is like creating a manual meaning-making machine; generator of coherence and incoherence, coincidence and discrepancy. 

Image recordings is work done in collaboration with Philip Hessler








Below: digital image of a hyper scope


Desbloqueo (Unblocked), video performance and found object/sculpture, 2016